Day by day ; we are expanding our product line and  becoming the solution partner for the most of the industries

Our moulds are offered to the use of our last customers without any fault or deformation. Our company which always keeps customer satisfaction at the top level, makes special  mold manufacturing for many sectors according to the wishes and expectations of our customers.

Our moulds are made of high quality metal and are strong enough to resist distortion and retain their shape and size under rugged conditions. These moulds are given internal surface finish of a very high order, to comply with requirements laid down in IS:10086, BS:1881 , ASTM C31 , ASTM C192, ASTM C39 , EN 12390-1-6-2 , AASHTO T23 , AASHTO T126 , NF P18-400


Our main mission is to provide maximum benefit and efficiency to our customers by manufacturing the highest quality products at the right and most affordable prices in the mould industry in which we involve in .


It is a principle to be appreciated and preferred by the companies we serve in both Turkey and abroad.

In the Sector that we serve in , being one of Turkey’s leading manufacturer  and contributing to  our country development is our irrevocable vision

Our values;

Customer &  Quality  Orientated

Reliability – Innovative – Responsible